Saturday, June 28, 2008


Grab-Game: It is a mode of theft by snatching one's purse or other property and making off with it. Snatching is an essential element so an element of surprise is also involved. Generally, used in reference to political or strategic stale-mates, or for describing actions of opportunists.

Gownsman or Gownman: refers to someone whose professional uniform or habit is a gown for example lawyers, professors or university students but most of the times it refers to lawyers.

Grace-Cup: refers to a toast or to drink a health after honouring someone

Graduand: A student who has passed his examinations for a degree but has not yet been capped. This is relevant in Indian Context due to a large time gap b/w
examinations and capping ceremonies in majority of our colleges for some unknown reasons.

Starting with some beautiful words

*Piquant- used for things that are pleasantly pungent or appetising. The key point is that such smell should affect one's feelings strongly in a positive way. It should intensify feelings in a positive way. This word is also used for something kindling keen interest because of some strong logic or fact associated with it. For ex- I found his idea quite 'piquant' or Sarcasm in the article was 'piquant'.
*Callow- means not covered with feathers. Signifies something that is innocent, cute but immature and vulnerable. So it has a twist in itself.
*Ruddy- refers to colour of skin in high health. Used for charming complexion.
*Salad-days- refers to days of youthful experience. This has diverse uses given the fields it can cover.